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Privacy Policy

1. Do not publish, distribute any information related to the customers, suppliers without any permission in writing (with the exception of the item "Partners & Customers"

2. Do not respond directly on the mail interface to limit the leakage of information of partners & customers

3. Do not list product prices directly on a website as a manufacturer 

4. Hoang Mai Investment - Trading - Manufacturing Company Limited is responsible for censoring any information posted on the Website in order to determine the reasonableness and appropriateness to the provisions of the law, habits and customs of Vietnam


Provision policies

Provision policies

1. Undertake to collect and treat all sources of waste rags from garments production, surplus fabric sources, damaged goods, etc

2. Purchase, perform packaged underwriting for all kinds of PE cotton spandex, cotton spandex from suppliers 

3. Do not squeeze prices, or buy at high prices which create unfair competition

4. Transport goods to the supplier's warehouse

5. Implement, undertake and adhere to the principles of respect, equality with suppliers on the principles of mutual benefit.

6. Cooperate in the spirit of fun and support for mutual development

7. Secure all information on transaction prices between the two sides

8. Do not cheat in measuring and recognizing commodity exchange data between the two sides

9. Make full payment of all transactions on term commitments

10. Maintain contracts signed by written or oral commitment to the agreed expiration term. Absolutely do not terminate the contracts ahead of time without any notice (except in cases of force majeure)

Customer Policy

Customer Policy

1. Comply with any customer commitments

2. Fully implement improvement steps after receiving the request from the customers

3. Maintain continuous stability of the products

4. Notify the customers if there is any change of the products and change only after receiving the consent of the customers in writing.

5. Protect the brand image of the customers through the development and maintenance of the brand and image of Hoang Mai factory

6. Undertake to accompany the customers in protecting the environment and contribute to the positive value for society

7. Adhere to and fully implement the obligations and responsibilities of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam law

8. Secure all the customers' information about the products, materials, technologies, methods of production, profitability, organizational structure, etc

9. Advice new solutions, new products (if any) to reduce waste and improve benefits for the customers

10. Respect for the principles of equality, harmony of mutual benefits and minimize any negative relationships among people.

Terms & Services

Terms & Services

- Welcome to visit the official website of Hoang Mai Investment - Trading - Manufacturing Company Limited

- We kindly hope that you will take time to read and understand the terms of a legal agreement between you and us as below.

- By accessing, browsing contents, or any other contents, images of this electronic information page, you (known as the user) acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to comply the provisions of these terms. If you do not agree with these terms, please do not use this electronic information page.

- We are responsible for ensuring the legality of the provision of content available to the user. All information, images and contents posted on the website are compliant with the law and in accordance with the habits and customs of Vietnam.


- It is declared all Intellectual property rights of the Hoang Mai Investment - Trading - Manufacturing Company Limited for the objects shown on the website

- This site and all its contents, including but not limited to documents, design, graphics, interfaces, images, and codes are copyrighted by the Company or under license by the third parties to the company. Copyright of the Company is shown on the website in English title "Copyright © Hoang Mai. All rights reserved".

- Any contents of this website including trademark, trade name, company logo, or products, product style, etc., are owned by the Company and protected under the provisions of the Law on intellectual property of Vietnam and relevant documents.

- All acts of copy, quotation, modification, distribution, publication, circulation, etc., for commercial purposes in any form without the prior written consent of the Company are considered an infringement of the rights of the company. The Company may request the user to terminate the use and compensation for damages (if any).


- Rights and responsibilities of the Company

- Alter and / or terminate the contents, features of a part or the entire website without prior notice to the user.

- Carry out security measures for the protection and control of unauthorized access or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of information.

- Implement security measures to protect and against unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of information on the website.

- When using the website, the information will be transmitted over a medium / device outside the control of the Company. Accordingly, the Company is not responsible for or relating to any delay, failure, interruption of any data or other information transmitted in connection with the use of the website.

- Personal information such as address, email, phone number of the user (voluntarily provided by the user in different forms on the website) can be used internally for the purpose of upgrading the products and services of the Company. It is undertaken by the Company that it will not take initiative to reveal any information of its user to the third parties, with the exception of any written request of the investigation unit in accordance with the current law. Meanwhile, the Company will inform the user in writing. Although security technologies are available and systems are also equipped with a lot of security features, none of the data is transmitted over the Internet that can be 100% secure. Therefore, neither does the Company make a commitment that the information given us will be absolutely confidential not it takes responsibility in case of unauthorized access to the personal information of the user. 

- It is allowed to use any ideas or concepts that are put on the website for all unlimited purposes, including the development, production or further product marketing. It has no responsibility to compensate or reward to the information providers.

- The user must be aware and ensure the information and documents to be sent must be within the rights to use; which means the Company will not violate any rights of the third parties.

- The Company may reject some documents sent without compulsorily giving any reasons.

- Rights and responsibilities of the user

- Do not use all images, copy the contents on the link http://www.vailaubaotay.com.vn without the consent of the Company.

- Do not post any offensive images, violating fine customs and practices of Vietnamese people, publish articles with contents distorting the Party & State, social policies, or speak ill of other partners and competitors.

- Ensure full compliance with the laws and regulations relating to the use of the Company's website; Perform no intervention, influence on the use of these sites of other users; Perform no interference in operation and management of the Company's website

- Do not navigate the link of content from the web http://www.vailaubaotay.com.vn without permission or without credit

- Clearly specify credit at the end of the article or posting if any article from other links is posted.

- Do not post information related to customers, suppliers of the company and the company itself without permission.

- Clearly realize and accept that the Company and / or its affiliates / employees are not responsible for any loss, damages, and costs arising from any decisions of the users when using any information available to any cause whatsoever.

- If the user is not satisfied with any information on the Website or any terms and conditions for use of the information on this website, the only method to do is to terminate the access / use of the information on the website.


- Terms of use are governed by the laws of Vietnam.

- The terms of use which are disabled by decision of the competent court will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.

- The Company welcomes all ideas / suggestions for any content of the website. If any part of this website is assumed to violate the third parties' rights, please contact us via telephone number 096-1802182 or e-mail: duc.duong@vailaubaotay.com.vn .

- This notice and all terms of use constitute the entire agreement between the Company and the user relating to the use of the information on the website. The Company can adjust the contents of this notice at any time by updating on the website. The user should regularly visit our website to update these specified constraints when using.